About Us

Parks Legal Placement LLC (PLP) was founded in 2002 by David Claypoole and specializes in placing lawyers, compliance professionals and paralegals in the investment management industry. Our clients are investment advisers, investment companies and the alternative asset management divisions of major financial institutions. While the bulk of our business was initially in New York and Southern Connecticut, we now recruit internationally with recent placements spanning from Seattle to London and numerous cities in between.

PLP’s business is focused on industry rather than geography, and as a result, we frequently locate candidates that our local competitors overlook. Our proprietary database contains detailed information on over 10,000 legal and regulatory professionals complied over the last 25 years. We follow industry trends, news and regulatory developments in a way that is uncommon in legal recruiting and consequently can offer guidance, particularly to clients setting up legal and/or compliance departments, with respect to common industry practices and appropriate compensation levels. The majority of our clients are hedge funds, and we have a keen understanding of the industry and its culture of confidentiality and discretion. We are a small company comprised of three recruiters whose areas of specialization cover every job category and level of experience from Legal Assistant to Chief Legal Officer. When you hire PLP to recruit a lawyer, compliance officer or paralegal, you know your message is being delivered to the marketplace by a discreet, knowledgeable, experienced professional.

PLP has a blue chip client list and can provide excellent references.

PLP offers a variety of fee structures but works primarily on an exclusive contingency basis.